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May 27, 2009 – Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

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Another super old one today. This one was taken at a rest area in I think it was Oregon, when I was in the process of moving out to Seattle. As in, I was literally driving the Uhaul out here, and stopped to pee. There were a bunch of prairie dogs at the rest stop, that were apparently used to people being around, because those guys were absolutely fearless. Normally, it’d be pretty tough to get close enough for a picture like this, but I was able to bribe this guy with a couple graham crackers. (I have another picture of him munching on an entire cracker that I gave him, pretty cute. Actually, “gave him” is not quite right, in reality I had it sitting on the ground in front of me when I was taking pictures of this guy, when his buddy snuck up between my legs and grabbed it. Whatever.

I took this one with my old 35mm SLR, using the big macro lens that I had for it. That lens could be tough to use, especially for animals, because it had such a small depth of field. (Meaning, it was really hard to get the part you wanted in focus.) Even in tihs picture, you can see that starting around his shoulder, it’s already getting fuzzy. So if either the subject moves, or you accidentally move forward or backward by half an inch, suddenly your picture is worthless. Plus, this was in the days before digital, so you wouldn’t know it until you got the roll developed. So then you’re faced with either wasting half of your roll to make sure you got a good one, or just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Man, I hated the 35mm days. Some purists try to claim that something was lost when we went to digital, that film is the only way to go. I think that’s stupid, no offense intended. Well, okay, a little bit of offense intended. Digital is amazing, I’m never going back.

Notes: Old Pentax 35mm, unknown lens, unknown details.

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