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October 5, 2009 – Mont Blanc

View from Pointe Helbronner - Mont Blanc

Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to yet another Monday, everyone! Here’s a picture to help ease the pain. This is the view from Pointe Helbronner, which is the highest gondola station on the Italian side of Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco, which is the highest peak in the Alps. Julie and I ended up there after riding the gondola (well, series of gondolas) up from near Courmayeur. I’m still kicking myself today that we didn’t take the extra time to keep going from there, on the French (Chamonix) gondola, all the way down to the French side of the mountain. I’m not really sure why we didn’t. Some combination of not realizing we could, and not having enough coffee that day. Oh well. Sadly, this was as far as we made it.

Mont Blanc sits right on the Italy/France border. They’ve actually cut a tunnel all the way through the mountain, although I remember it being pretty expensive, and besides, we didn’t have the time, nor did that fit in with our itinerary. This is looking toward the French side. In fact, down that canyon is the Mer de Glace (sea of ice), which is a big huge river-like glacier that’s one of the big tourist draws at Chamonix. The thing that struck me the most when we were hanging out up there (and, everywhere we went in the Alps, really) was how rugged and sharp the terrain is. When you see how razor-sharp those ridgelines are, it’s painfully apparent how young the Alps really are, that nature hasn’t had a chance yet to wear them down into something resembling the Rockies or the Appalachians. Amazing, really.

I asked for some requests last week, so thanks to all of you who sent those in. I’ll be posting an animal picture tomorrow, something from Colorado on Wednesday, and some kind of mountain/water scene on Thursday. I’ll have to dig into the archives and see what I can come up with. That leaves Friday open for a special surprise! Which means that I have no clue what I’m going to toss up on the wall that day. I’ll be as shocked as all of you, I’m sure.


Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300 mm lens. 1/250s, f/13.0, ISO 100. Focal length: 32mm.

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