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September 13, 2011 – Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow. I’ve been pretty terrible about updating this site lately. Only one post in all of August, and we’re halfway through September and I’m just getting around to making my first post. Sigh. And the bad news is, things probably aren’t going to change anytime soon. So, I hope you like this picture, is what I’m saying. Like, *really* like it. Hmm.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, 18-55mm kit lens. 1/1600s, f/7.1, ISO 100. Focal length: 55mm.

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June 21, 2011 – Echo Lake

Echo Lake

Echo Lake

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yeah, I forgot to upload those pics again. Sigh.

So, instead, here’s a picture of Echo Lake, with Mt. Evans in the background. This is in Colorado. You can actually drive to the top of Mt. Evans, and it’s paved the whole way. That’s noteworthy, because you can *also* drive to the top of another sort-of nearby fourteener, Pikes Peak, but *that* road is *not* paved the whole way. Pikes Peak is right outside Colorado Springs, which is where I grew up. Now you know.

So, right, Mt. Evans is not Pikes Peak, so that’s the last mention Pikes Peak will get today. Mt. Evans is near Idaho Springs, which is a little ways up I-70, west of Denver. Echo Lake is on the way up, but it’s before the spot where you have to pay. Because yes, you have to pay to drive up Mt. Evans. It’s worth it though. If you’ve got an afternoon to kill, it’s a great way to get up into the high country. And you can get some really nice photos after only barely getting out of your car. My kind of place!

Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300mm VC lens. 1/60s, f/18.0, ISO 400. Focal length: 65mm.

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June 10, 2011 – Ant, Lupine

Ant on Lupine

Ant on Lupine

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey, lookie here, this is the 5th post this week! I actually did it – I actually posted one picture here per day on, umm, the picture of the day. I think I deserve a pretty serious pat on the back for that one. Also, I’ll probably over-compensate now by not posting anything else for a month and a half. Hmm.

These are lupine flowers. You see them a bunch up in the mountains here in Washington. That’s an ant. You see them a bunch just about everywhere in the world I’ve ever been. Okay, that’s all I’ve got.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300mm VC lens. 1/200s, f/6.3, ISO 200. Focal length: 300mm.

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June 9, 2011 – Headlee Pass

Headlee Pass

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So in the past, I’d go through literally every picture that came off my camera. I’d look at every single one, throw away the real duds, and then go through again and do a little bit of post-processing on all of them that were even a little tiny bit good. Then I’d throw them into a big pile (the Rate Dave’s Photos thing), which I then go through to grab pics to post here. But over the last few years I’ve gotten amazingly far behind. In fact, I’m only halfway through the last day that I’ve gotten to, and it was so long ago that I was still using my old camera and my crappy Tamron 28-300mm VC lens. Thus, I’ve had a huge influx of images of marginal quality that I have to wade through when picking out a picture each day. Some of them are more marginal than others, but this is one of them.

This was taken near Headlee Pass, which is on the Sunrise Mine Trail, off the Mountain Loop Highway about halfway between Stevens and Snoqualmie passes in Washington state. It’s a great hike, blah blah blah, I’ve said all this before. Lake Elan was behind me when I took this picture, if that helps you get your bearings. I mean, it won’t, but it sounds good, and I felt like I needed a little bit more text to round out this post. See? It got me a couple extra sentences, not bad.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300mm VC lens. 1/50s, f/11.0, ISO 400. Focal length: 92mm.

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June 7, 2011 – Hahn’s Peak Trail

Hahn's Peak Trail

Hahn's Peak Trail

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Man, I still haven’t gotten out to take a picture in just about forever now. The motivation just isn’t there, and on top of that the weather has been pretty much crap for as long as I can remember. So, I’m still just tossing out pics from the archive, random stuff from years past. Here’s one from near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, from the trail that goes to the top of Hahn’s Peak. Some nice yellow flowers I guess, as the trail approached treeline. A reasonable trail, if you find yourself in the area. If not, well, I guess you’ll just have to find another trail to hike.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300mm VC lens. 1/30s, f/10.0, ISO 200. Focal length: 30mm.

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