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October 1, 2009 – Butterfly



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awhile back, I posted another picture of this same butterfly (that was one of the very earliest posts to the picture of the day I think), and I mentioned how I thought it was so cool that their eyes look like polka-dot beach balls. And then after I finished with the big huge writeup, I went back and looked at the photo again and realized that I had chosen one where you couldn’t even SEE the eyes. And then I felt dumb. And then I got some dinner at Chipotle and forgot all about the whole thing.

Long story short, I’ve been meaning to toss up a picture where you could actually see what I was talking about for quite awhile, I just never really got around to it until now. So, here ya go – polka-dot beachballs. Weird, right?

Butterflies are both sort of easy and sort of hard to get pictures of. They’re easy in that they’re not small. You can get a picture of a butterfly with basically whatever camera you’ve got handy. But they’re hard because they move around a lot, and they don’t hang out anywhere for long. Kind of like bees, but even more maddening. And they’re very skittish. Bees don’t really seem to mind you if you let them take care of business, but butterflies seem to get spooked. I’m looking for another sentence I can put here to sort of round things out, both to finish off the paragraph in a good way, and to wrap up today’s entry. But I got nothin’.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Quantaray 70-300mm lens. 1/400s, f/5.6, ISO 400. Focal length: 300mm.

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June 26, 2009 – Butterfly



Friday, June 26, 2009

I’ve got a ton of pictures of this little guy. I saw him on some hike I was on a long time ago, and he was hanging out on the flowers near me for awhile, so I wasted a good 10 minutes or so just snapping away. It’s pretty likely that you’ll see him again, especially if I keep this Picture of the Day thing going long enough that I end up using all of the pictures that I think are pretty good, and have to start digging through the archives. (Not there yet, but someday…)

I assume that’s a wild daisy, but I’m really not so good at identifying flowers, so it could be anything really.

One thing that I never knew about butterflies until I looked at these pictures full size was that their eyes are really unusual. They look like robin eggs. (The candy, not the, you know, real thing. Although presumably the candy was named “robin eggs” because they look like robin eggs, but again, not something I know about.) Weird, but cool.

Man, another week gone by. Amazing how quick that happens. Have a great weekend!

(ps I’m slowly copying these Picture of the Day entries over to an actual hosted blog, at … so if using an RSS reader or just not using Facebook is more your style, have at it. I’ve still got a bunch of them to take care of still though. And the near-term plan is to just cross-post each day’s picture in both places, so if reading them on Facebook works for you, just pretend I didn’t say anything. Long-term plan? Who knows.)

Update: Hmm, I forgot that this was one of the pictures where you can’t really see the eyeballs. Whoops. If you wanted to see what I’m talking about, check this one out too:

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300 mm lens. 1/400s, f/6.3, ISO 100. Focal length: 259mm.

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