November 5, 2009 – Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So it’s always interesting to see the correlation between how much traffic I get clicking through to see the actual picture of the day, and how good I think the picture is. There are of course times when I think an image is amazing and everyone else doesn’t, or vice versa, but most of the time, I know which ones are decent, and I know which ones are more than decent.

Now there’s another wrinkle on top of that too. Normally, the general quality of an image is the same in full-size form or in thumbnail form. Meaning, if you see a thumbnail of a really cool picture, it usually looks really cool. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a picture just doesn’t do it for ya when it’s as small as a thumbnail, even if it’s a decent enough picture.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there are two methods that people subscribe to the picture-of-the-day: by reading the RSS feed on the blog itself (which displays the pictures full-size), and by subscribing via Facebook (which displays a little tiny thumbnail.) (There’s also folks that just directly navigate to, but let’s ignore them for now.)

So, normally, the goodness of a picture can be measured by how many people actually click through to view it on the site. Good pictures mean lots of people click through. And usually, either a lot of people click through via both channels, or few people click through via both channels. Yesterday though was a bit weird. I had a bunch of folks click through via the RSS (full-size) feed, but not via the Facebook feed. So I guess that means it’s a pretty cool picture, but it just doesn’t look like it when it’s small? Odd.

In fact, two days ago, I had 11 people click through from Facebook. Yesterday? I had 3. And two of those came before I even posted the picture. Meaning, I had one. One person. Was that you? Thanks for clicking!

Anyway, just thought that was odd.. Have a great day!

Oh, by the way, this is from Stevens Pass in Washington State.

Notes: Canon PowerShot SD 850 IS (Point and Shoot). 1/160s, f/11.0, ISO 80.

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