November 3, 2009 – Woodland Park

Woodland Park in Autumn

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I love the fall, I really do. I also really like living across the street from Woodland Park. It’s a nice place to head out for a little walk if you’ve got that “I just gotta get outside” thing going on. And when you get these nice, sunny days in the fall, the yellow light filtering down through the leaves is just… sublime.

A lot of the trees here around Seattle have already finished for the season, but we’ve still got a lot of the season left (And there are still a bunch of trees that are still green!) That’s one nice thing about Seattle: we have a nice long fall. Which does help compensate for the short summers and the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 pm in the winter.

I hope you all have been able to get out and enjoy the season. If not, do it while there’s still time! Forget work, this is more important! Do it NOW! Okay, see you tomorrow.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 lens. 1/160s, f/6.3, ISO 400. Focal length: 28mm.

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