November 2, 2010 – Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves - Woodland Park, Seattle, WA

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh no, fall color season isn’t over yet, it’s just getting to the peak here in Seattle! (Hmm, today’s post is off to a great start. “Fall color season”?? Really, Dave? Wouldn’t another name for that be, umm, “fall”?) Sadly, I’m stuck sitting here inside rather than playing around outside taking pictures. I can think of several places I’d like to go if I had the chance. Like, Discovery park or Carkeek park here in town, or up on Highway 9 north of Everett. But, not today. And by the time I get a chance, the gorgeous weather we’ve got today will probably be gone. Sigh.

Today’s picture was taken just a few days ago, in Woodland Park. Not the part that’s taken up by the zoo, but the other half, on the east side of 99. You all obviously know what I’m talking about, because you all obviously live in Seattle. Right? Hmm, maybe not. But, that’s where it is.

Now, stop reading and go vote! (If you’re not in the US, then instead of voting, go pursue your normal daily activities!)

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens. 1/320s, f/7.1, ISO 200. Focal length: 17mm.

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  1. avatar
    anonymous November 2, 2010

    You write a lot, and sometimes I worry that you worry that you’re the only person that takes time to read your posts. The only one that cares. But you’re not. I’m sure someone else cares.

    Not me though. Really, all those leaves just looks like a fine way to accidentally encounter a spider :(

    • avatar
      Dave November 2, 2010

      Aaaaahahahaha. I <3 your comment, made my whole afternoon. :)

  2. avatar
    Will November 3, 2010

    You use <3 in a sentence.

  3. avatar
    Will November 3, 2010

    another version of that sentence uses the past tense of use.

    • avatar
      Dave November 3, 2010

      I did, it’s true. That’s my plan to stay hip and relevant, is to use stupid quasi-emoticons like <3. I’m pretty sure it’s working.

  4. avatar
    Dianna and Amber November 5, 2010

    seattle is pretty. hehehe. we like your picture. simple is best. :)

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