November 10, 2010 – Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So, yesterday, in all of that Yosemite and East Coast confusion, it seems I left out the sort-of punchline of the story, which was that, I had actually taken the time to go through some of the East Coast pics (which I think I mentioned), but I had just forgotten to take that last step of uploading them up to my web host. Thus, I had every intention of posting one yesterday, but I still failed.

So, back to today. This is not from anywhere on the East Coast. To make things as confusing as possible, this is from Yosemite. Which explains perfectly why this is the 4th appearance of the phrase “East Coast” in today’s post.

This was taken right in the valley, which would have meant nothing to me before this weekend when I was there. But since I have now been there, saying this was “right in the valley” makes total sense to me, so I’m going to toss it right out there as if I’m some kind of Yosemite veteran, based on the 27 hours I was there. The weather was really nice on Saturday, but right around the end of Saturday (ie, “now”, in the context of today’s picture), the bad weather started rolling in, and it didn’t leave until I was well outside of California. That’s unfortunate, it’s true, but it just gives me that much more reason to head back.

On that note, even though I’ve only been there once, I can say with authority that the fall is a FANTASTIC time to head to Yosemite. There were no crowds to speak of, there were plenty of vacancies in the hotels in the park, and the fall colors were amazing! True, the weather can (apparently) be hit-or-miss, but given that the whole week before we were there was great, as was the whole week after, I’d say we just got really unlucky, just like when the October Nor’Easter rolled through New England on the 1.5 days that we were there. That just seems to be the way it’s going these days. I’d like to make it back to Yosemite in the winter as well, but I’m not sure if I can swing that this year.

In completely random other news, I was contacted by somebody from the Marketing staff for a Broadway show called Time Stands Still. Apparently the show is somewhat photography related, but she mentioned that they have a series of “talkbacks” that actually sound really interesting. (The lady, Ann, says that’s when they have sort of a lecture/q&a after the show. I had no idea.) Seems like there’s only one left, on November 16. But, they’ll have three or four staff photographers from Getty Images talking, including a Pulitzer Prize winner. Good stuff. If you’re in the New York Area. Which I’m not. But hey, maybe you are, and maybe you’d be interested. Here’s the info if you want: . And no, they didn’t give me any money or anything to write that. That would have been a silly thing for them to do, since there aren’t enough of you, dear readers, to justify that. So why did I bring it up? Not sure. But there it is.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens. 1/200s, f/13.0, ISO 400. Focal length: 37mm.

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  1. avatar
    Adrian Nixon November 13, 2010

    Hi Dave,

    I really like this shot. This is an impressive picture.
    The trees in the foreground really give scale to the majesty of the mountain in the background and I like the way the light caresses the rock face in the middleground.

    Nice one. Adrian

  2. avatar
    clairedk November 15, 2010

    This is a place where tons and tons of people take pictures but I find it very interesting that you made it a wonderful picture. The lighting really shows the viewer the complexity and beauty of Yosemite really is. I can really appreciate th is photoghraph a lot.

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