May 7, 2010 – Hello, Friend

Hello, friend

Hello, friend

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello again everyone. I’m still under the weather, so I’ll keep this short again. But, here’s another image that came out of my new macro toys, the extension tubes and macro ring flash. It’s a fly! I’ve been using two of the tubes in combination with my 50mm prime lens, and it’s been working fairly well. The downside is that you have to be REALLY REALLY close to the subject to get it in focus. As in, less than 2 centimeters away. It’s really hard to get that close without scaring things away. What I really need is a true macro lens (so that I don’t need the tubes, or don’t need as many tubes), or maybe even longer macro lens (like a 90 or 100mm macro lens, or Canon and Tamron both make a 180mm 1:1 macro), that would give me more of a working distance. One day, one day. Until then, this will do, for sure.

In other news… I fooled around a bit last night and got the Facebook like button working on my pages. There are a zillion different WordPress plugins to do it, but surprisingly, NONE OF THEM EFFING WORK. They’re all busted in the same ways – granted the root cause is probably a bug on Facebook’s side, but STILL. I ended up just hacking up one of the plugins to use the newest version of Facebook’s APIs, and that did the trick.

Why would you want to use the button? Well, I’ll tell you why. It helps me out, you see. When you click like, it’ll show up in your news feed on Facebook, and then all of your Facebook friends will see it, and then all the cool ones will click through to check it out, and they’ll get hooked just like you did. Brilliant! I know, I know, lots of you are all freaked out about the Facebook privacy concerns and stuff, so all you guys can feel free to not click the button. Don’t worry though, I don’t get your login information, nothing like that. I don’t even get to see the names of the people that click like unless you’re already my friend on Facebook. It’s all cool.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens with Opteka macro extension tubes and Phoenix macro ring flash. 1/160s, f/20.0, ISO 100.

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    There’s something about flies that make me go eek! But having them magnified a million times over make me go EEEEEKKK!! lol So yeah I don’t looked at it for a millisecond. Cool take though.

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    Marie June 6, 2010

    yikes, but you done a nice macro shot

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