May 4, 2010 – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh man, almost ran out of time for a post today. I have an excuse though – I had to go see my eye doctor, which means my eyes are totally dilated. As a result, I can’t see a damn thing on my screen. I mean, I can see big stuff, but I can’t see text. Which means, I can’t really see what I’m typing. I think I’m doing pretty well with the whole typing thing because 1) I sort of do it for a living so I have a pretty good feeling when I screw up, and 2) I can see the little red squiggly lines, so I can say with authority that there are no misspelled words in this post, even though some of the words themselves might be wrong. Whatever.

Every spring, a bunch of trees around Seattle (well, around a lot of places) turn bright fluffy pink. That always weirds me out. I’ve heard the right term for the pinkness is “cherry blossoms”, so I’m going with that, even though I’m almost positive they aren’t cherry trees per se, so I’m not quite sure how the term cherry blossoms applies. Not important. What *is* important is that, to this day, I can’t figure out how to get the picture I want out of them. I just.. can’t do it. I tried for years and years, and I could never really do it. I’ve kind of given up trying the last couple years, but the dream is still alive. Some of them turn out okay, but I KNOW there’s a totally amazing picture to be had of them, and I also know that I haven’t gotten it yet. This particular one was taken way back in 2004, all I had at the time was a 3 megapixel pocket-sized point and shoot. (Well, I had my 35mm SLR too, but that was well past the time that I never used that thing anymore.) It’s been sitting around for quite awhile, but I just realized that back then, I didn’t take the time to touch up any of my pictures, so it was dark and uninteresting. So I went through the pics from that day in Picasa, and brightened up a bit, and.. they’re at least better than they were before. Good enough for posting late in the day on a Tuesday, for sure. Since the blossoms are done for 2010, this’ll have to do until at least next year.

Notes: Canon PowerShot S230 (Point and shoot). 1/125s, f/2.8.

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    OMG wow, those cherry blossoms look so nice they almost look fake! Here is proof that pink is not an artificial color as it beautifully blends with nature.

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    Marie June 6, 2010

    I agree with Michelle they almost look fake but they are really pretty flowers

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