May 29, 2009 – Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mountain

Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

Friday, May 29, 2009.

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Okay, I’m going to go ahead and get this one out of the way. Yes, you’ve seen it before, both on my profile page and on my artist page. I’ve been trying to toss out new ones that you guys haven’t seen yet, but I’ve got to use these ones up too. I’m telling you now: one day next week I’m going to use the Mt. Shuksan picture too.

This is a picture of Mt. Rainier, taken from right near the top of the Rainier Express chair at Crystal Mountain. For those of you who either don’t live in Washington or don’t ski, Crystal Mountain is *the* place to ski out here. It’s a fantastic mountain, albeit with ridiculously shitty service. Yes, it’s true, everyone who works for the mountain seems to go well out of their way to be an asshole, but they only do it because they can, because it’s far and away the best place to ski in the state.

Mt. Rainier is (obviously) the centerpiece of Mt. Rainier National Park, and Crystal Mountain is just outside the park boundary. It’s 14,410 feet tall (the only reason I know that is because I know that Pikes Peak is 14,110 feet tall, and I know that Rainier is exactly 300 feet taller), and it’s just a big ole’ volcano. Other noteworthy volcanoes in the same chain include Mt. St. Helens (yes, that one), Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta, etc, etc, etc.

The cloud in the upper left hand corner may or may not be a “lenticular” cloud. I’ve heard that term a lot, and I think that’s what it means, but I’ll be honest: I really have no idea. Those clouds are caused by air being forced over the mountain, and usually indicate that there is moisture moving in to the area. Meaning, it’s sunny today, but it’ll be raining (or snowing, depending on your elevation) tomorrow.

That’s all I’ve got today. Have a great weekend!


Make sure you scroll down and to the left, to see Rainier itself.

Notes: Canon PowerShot S500. (Point and Shoot) 1/1000s, f/7.1.

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    Marie June 3, 2010

    very nice shot

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