March 11, 2010 – Spring Blooms

Spring blooms

Spring blooms

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today’s picture is an old one that I dug out from the archives. It’s getting to be that time of year now, so I figured I’d should start tossing some of these into the mix. (I saw my first rhododendrons the other day. Whaaaat?! Where’d my ski season go?!) I’m not sure what those green ones are in front, but the red ones in back are rhodies. I love rhododendrons, mostly because I actually know what they are, and I can look (and sound!) smart by pointing at them and saying to whoever is nearby “Hey, aren’t those rhododendrons nice??”

Seattle’s an interesting place in the spring. On the one hand, it’s absolutely gorgeous, because there are rhododendron bushes EVERYWHERE, so all along the streets there are these wild splashes of color. And they come in all sorts of shades too, red, yellow, white, blue, purple, anything you want. Pretty nice. But on the other hand, the weather sucks. Winter’s fine, because even though it’s cloudy and raining all the time, you can at least know that it’s snowing in the mountains, so the skiing will be good. But in the spring, the clouds just linger, and linger, and linger. Long past the closing dates of all the ski hills. Long past when you start hearing on the news how nice and warm it is in the rest of the country. Typically it’s not until the beginning of July that we finally kick the cloudy-with-temps-in-the-low-60’s weather. So it’s a bittersweet time. It’s really the only season that I haven’t grown to love in Seattle. Summer? Outstanding. 75 and sunny every day. Winter? Fantastic skiing. Fall? Have you SEEN the fall color shots I’ve posted?? Spring? Hmm. Pass.

Anyway, I wish I got more of the green flowers in focus. Oh well.

Notes: Canon PowerShot S500 (Point and shoot). 1/200s, f/4.0.

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