June 22, 2009 – Ingalls Creek

Ingalls Creek

Ingalls Creek

June 22, 2009


You’re looking at Ingalls Creek, which is on the eastern slope of the Cascades, near Blewett Pass. If you’re reading closely, you might notice that this was taken very near to where Friday’s picture was taken. That’s not unusual – I’ve got a fair number of pictures from that trail. It’s right near my friend Colleen’s cabin, which is where we camp out on many 3-day weekends. (Friday’s picture was taken over Memorial Day weekend 2008, this was from Leavenworth Oktoberfest in, I don’t know, 2004 or something.)

Also potentially interesting for those who actually read these writeups is that this is another picture that I took with a little pocket camera, instead of a digital SLR. This one was a Canon S500, which was my pocket camera of choice 2 or 3 cameras ago.

This trail is a great place to go to see fall color. It follows the creek for a few miles, and most of the vegetation along the creek is deciduous. (As opposed to the evergreen trees further up the slope on either side…) So you get lots of yellows, reds and oranges every fall. I’ve used it a couple times when I had a nice weekend day that I wanted to use to get outside, but accidentally woke up really late, and just needed somewhere to go where I knew it would be pretty. Actually, that’s a pretty common theme with me: waking up late, and just wanting to get outside for a couple hours before it gets dark. Granted, this trail is about two hours from Seattle, but it still works. Plus, since as I mentioned it’s on the eastern slope, if the western slope is socked in with clouds, sometimes coming over here can get you away into the sunshine. (Although not on the day that I took this picture, apparently.)

I’ll leave you with another dirty little secret: I took this picture from the parking lot.

Map: http://bit.ly/mLAln

Not surprisingly, Friday’s pushpin is there too.

Notes: Canon Powershot S500 (Point and Shoot). Details unavailable.

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