July 24, 2009 – Whitefish Mountain Resort

Flathead Valley from Whitefish Mountain Resort

Flathead Valley from Whitefish Mountain Resort

Friday, July 24, 2009.


Yeah, the Snoqualmie Falls thing didn’t work out this week, sorry about that. (And now I’ve built it up enough that it’s going to be a big ole’ disappointment when I *do* finally post it. I mean, it’s a fine and dandy photo, but it’s not earth shattering or anything…)

Instead, here’s a picture from a group trip out to Whitefish Mountain Resort (back then it was called Big Mountain Resort) several years ago. Big Mountain is a FANTASTIC place to ski. Definitely in my top 3 all-time. (Along with Mt. Bachelor in Oregon and Schweitzer in Idaho. And as long as I’m naming states, Big Mountain is in Montana, right near Glacier National Park.) It makes for a great trip from Seattle too, because Amtrak takes you right out to Whitefish. It leaves in the afternoon and gets you there at 7am, so you don’t even need a hotel room for that first night. Great stuff.

Not sure if any of you noticed, but I normally do my best to avoid having people appear in my pictures. But, this one turned out so well that I decided to make an exception. From left, that’s Pat Roby, Mark Buckner, and of course my wife Julie. While we were there, they had this crazy inversion which filled the whole valley with these clouds, and left us skiing in the sunshine with jaw-dropping views every way we looked. Pretty incredible trip.

Enjoy the weekend, see you all on Monday!

Map: http://bit.ly/fVsVT

Notes: Canon PowerShot S500 (Point and shoot). 1/500s, f/13.0, ISO unknown.

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    Marie June 3, 2010

    amazing shot

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