July 10, 2009 – Whistler Mountain

Hiking on Whistler Mountain

Hiking on Whistler Mountain

Friday, July 10, 2009


So I had originally planned to post another picture from last summer’s Whistler weekend today, but this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it just wasn’t the right picture for my mood, or maybe I decided the picture sucks afterall. Not really clear, we’ll see how I feel about it next week. But, to soothe your disappointment as much as I can, I at least decided to post a picture from the same area.

This picture was taken a couple years earlier, on Whistler Mountain. (The one I was originally going to post was from Blackcomb.) It’s still from the summer and all that though. This was taken along one of the hiking trails accessible from the top of the gondola. In fact, if you’re familiar with the layout of the mountain at all, this might help: this was overlooking Harmony basin. You know, the basin where the Harmony chair is. That mountain you see in the distance is presumably Overlord Peak, which is purely a guess given that the snowy part is the Overlord Glacier.

I love those pine trees. I’ve never seen that particular kind of tree anywhere but up here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s not to say they don’t exist anywhere else, I really have no clue. But that’s the only place I’ve actually seen them. They’ve got so much character tough. They’re so perfectly straight, but all the little knobbly things poking off of them makes for a great texture in a photo. But, I’ve found that I have to silhouette them against something else to really draw it out. They’re such a dark green that it’s hard to make them turn out in pictures. The light has to be just right, or you have to be contrasting them against the background as I’m doing here. They can be really frustrating, because this is one of those cases where our eyes see something different from what the camera sees. So it’s tough to translate something that looks fantastic in person to something that doesn’t just look like crap on “film”.

Some of you may have noticed that my post came a bit early today. Crazy, right? I’ve got an all-day meeting at work, so this is the only chance I’ll have to write anything up today. Not that I, you know, do this stuff at work, or anything. Yeah, whatever man.

Anyway, have a great Friday, and a great weekend!

Map: http://bit.ly/2xqwT

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, lens unknown. 1/125s, f/7.1, ISO 100. Focal length: 54mm.

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