January 11, 2011 – Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Alright, here we go! Here’s a picture from Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs. As I mentioned, I was there over the holidays, visiting my parents, and I finally now got a chance to download all of the pictures I took (mostly pictures of my kid and my brother’s kid, honestly) off the camera. Sadly, a lot of the pictures that I was at least somewhat excited about from this little photo shoot didn’t come out quite as nicely as I wanted. As in, they looked great on the little camera screen, but at full size, they weren’t as sharp as I wanted. I’ll still post them here eventually, don’t you worry about that. But I’m a lot less excited about them now than I was then.

In other news, you may have noticed that I added a neat little “Related Posts” widget to the blog. It only shows up when you’re viewing the page for an individual post though, so there’s a really good chance that you won’t be able to see it on the page you’re looking at right now. (If you’re looking at the main page, it won’t be there. If you’re reading this via a feed reader or email, I don’t believe it’ll show up. And, if you’re not reading this at all, which is the vast majority of you (total # of readers / 7 billion total humans total approximately equals 0), umm, dot dot dot. But, it’s very exciting! It even shows thumbnails! I’m very happy about all this, if it wasn’t clear. Hopefully, you are too.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon 55-250mm IS lens. 1/200s, f/9.0, ISO 100. Focal length: 90mm.

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