December 10, 2009 – Lilypads

Lilypads, Washington Park Arboretum

Lilypads, Washington Park Arboretum

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey everyone! As promised several weeks ago (just over a month ago now, actually), here is the “other one”, the version of this picture without ripples.

To recap the story, I took this one (and the other one) in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. I was there to see if I could find any cool flowers to take pictures of, and I snagged these two as I was walking by. At the time (and even at the other time, later that night when I was looking through the pictures) I didn’t really think much of them, decided they weren’t really that interesting. But a few months later they caught my eye. Well, actually, the other one did, the one with the ripples. But that caused me to look more closely at this one too. I still think it’s a bit boring, but it’s got some elements that I like: I love the color, and I love the detail in the reflection of the tree. But I’m still not convinced about the picture as a whole. But, I promised I’d post it, so post it I did. You’re welcome.

Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300 mm VC lens. 1/250s, f/10.0, ISO 400. Focal length: 77 mm.

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  1. avatar
    Antonio Diaz December 12, 2009

    Great composition. You have such an artistic mind. Fine taste. Wof. Can’t stop looking at this photo. Thanks.

  2. avatar
    Brian December 14, 2009

    Puts the photos on Bing to shame. Great stuff!!

  3. avatar
    Amit December 30, 2009

    i dont think the picture is boring..its a great work done..fabulous image..all the elements are clearly visible ..the refelection of the cloud and the leaf dipped into the water an added attraction.. its a beautiful shot..

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