August 19, 2009 – Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Shannon Falls, which is just outside of Squamish, British Columbia, which is a nice waypoint on the drive up to Whistler. One of these days, I’m totally intending to make Squamish itself my destination for a bunch of hiking and exploring, but the timing just hasn’t worked out yet, and thus the only times I’ve ever stopped in Squamish (or at the falls) is on the way to or from Whistler. Shannon Falls is pretty incredible, and it’s very easy to get to. (There’s a parking lot right off the main highway, and about a quarter mile hike up to the bottom of the falls.) I have lots of nearly identical pictures of the falls from each time I go there, but this time in particular (this was on the way up for Dan’s bachelor party) I tried to mix it up a bit. The falls are apparently the third highest falls in BC, which got me wondering what the first and second highest are. Hmmm, maybe I’ll look into that later.

Here’s a guy who hiked up to the top of the falls (which is apparently not obvious how to get to – the trail from the parking lot just takes you to the bottom of the falls. One day, one day…


Notes: Canon EOS Rebel XT, Tamron 28-300 mm VC lens. 1/400s, f/7.1, ISO 200. Focal length: 129mm.

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    Marie June 3, 2010

    i love your falls photography

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