Hi. I take pictures. And then I post them one at a time to this page.

You can see a lot more of my pictures, and rate them, at http://davefry.net/rate

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Dave and Wes

Dave and Wes

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    David Mapleton October 22, 2009

    Hi Dave:

    Just registered on your site.

    Sorry, not very computer savvy – not in to FaceBook etc. and never joined a blog site before. I guess I will learn.

    Liked your photos’ and they are very similar to mine. So I may add some comments from time to time.

    Every run in to another Washington State photog Keith Lazelle. My wife knows his and we always order his calendars and notepads for gifts. If you are not aware of him, his web site is:


    Up and Over!

  2. avatar
    Dave October 23, 2009

    Hi David! I like your name.

    Glad you like the site! I haven’t run into Keith Lazelle, but I checked out his site, and I’m very impressed. Is he a career photographer or just a hobbyist like the rest of us? His stuff is very polished, he clearly knows what he’s doing.

    I’d love to see some of your pics. Do you have them online anywhere? Someday I might get around to figuring out a way for other folks to post their favorite pics here as well. Today is not that day, but eventually it may happen.

  3. avatar
    Joe November 15, 2009

    Hi! David I like your photos and I take picture too , I’ll follow your site. I’m not good to write english so sorry.

  4. avatar
    priyanka November 15, 2009

    Hi – Just joined ur FB Club. Really love all ur pics – I wish I cud make big posters out of couple of them and put them up in my place :)

  5. avatar
    Vania January 7, 2010

    I loved your photos!
    You really deserved the Best Travel Blog Award!
    I’m trying this year in the same category.
    See you around…
    Vania ;o)

  6. avatar
    Vania January 7, 2010

    Huuuumm, my avatar is so,so…
    But I liked the link to my blog! Thankx!

  7. avatar
    Steve McCabe February 26, 2010

    Just found your site and pictures. Great work. Both the required travel to get to the site to get the pictures and the pictures themselves. Live in Birmingham and have never been out west of the Mississippi. I will dream through your pictures. Keep up the good work.

  8. avatar
    Jes March 1, 2010

    wow, fabulous pics!! I really like your work plus as above mentioned the effort required to capture sure beautiful pictures. I will be checking your page regularly!!

  9. avatar
    Duygu March 28, 2010

    Hi Dave; I like your photos!! I m an amateur photographer but ? haven’t taken photo since 2009, when ? saw your blog ? am excited, now ? want to take some photos..maybe ? could start writing a blog:)) see you..

    • avatar
      Dave June 18, 2010

      Let me know if you end up starting one, I’ll check it out!

  10. avatar
    Mooshie June 18, 2010

    Hello Dave, I’m a fan. I check your site on a regular basis. I’m loving every picture you post. Wish I could be great as you. Keep taking pictures and thank you for sharing them.

    • avatar
      Dave June 18, 2010

      I definitely appreciate the kind words, but I think the word “great” may be taking it a bit far. :) I just take a lot more pictures than the average Joe, so I get some good ones bubbling up to the top. I took a look at your site and you’re not so bad yourself. So I’ll keep taking pics if you do too. Thanks for reading!!

      • avatar
        Mooshie October 14, 2010

        Hi Dave, I’ll be visiting Seattle and Vancouver in the next two weeks. Which place would you suggest to visit, nice area where I could take pictures.

        • avatar
          Dave October 14, 2010

          Oh man, there’s lots of choices. I’ll follow up via email.

  11. avatar
    Peter Saunders July 15, 2010

    Hi Dave Fry, I stay on the easy trails these days at 85 years young, and that is not always the place to get a super shot of our great outdoors. I use the best photos I take as a guide for my 3D acrylic paintings. The picture is painted on four 1/16 inch acrylic sheeting. This adds parallax to the many ways to enhance depth perception. When I spot a great photo someone else has taken, that lends itself to this technique, I try to get permission from the photographer to make one 3D painting of the scene. I spotted your glorious photo of the Skagit River below Diablo Lake on the cover of the 2010-11 Cascade Loop Scenic Highway guidebook. It lends itself to a 4 layer painting without causing an artificial look. Could I purchase a small unmounted copy, with permission to paint one 3D painting of the scene, with the understanding that credit will be given for the photo on which it is biased? If so, please email the details. Thanks, Peter Saunders, Bellevue, WA.

  12. avatar
    Hyrum September 24, 2010

    Dave, I came across your site, and I have subscribed to your RSS feed. I look forward every day to see a new photo. They are superb. I live in southern Utah near Zions, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Circle Area. Have you taken any pictures there, and if so, what are your thoughts on the scenery. Keep up this great hobby.

    • avatar
      Dave September 24, 2010

      Hi Hyrum! No, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of making it down to southern Utah (although I’ve driven through the middle of the state on I-70 a couple times with no time to stop, sadly), but it’s ABSOLUTELY on my list of places to visit. All the evidence I’ve seen suggests that the scenery down there is GORGEOUS. I’d love to be able to take some time to explore, it just hasn’t worked out quite yet. How is the weather out there in the late spring? (ie, April-June)

      Thanks for the kind words!

  13. avatar
    iristot November 4, 2010

    beautifull river!!! it’s hard to find like that in Indonesia. i like it. =D

  14. avatar
    David Seyms May 8, 2012

    Hey Dave,
    Please e-mail me as I’m interested in licensing one of your photos.



  15. avatar
    Pia Zoraya Revelo August 21, 2012



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    Mike Fredericks December 23, 2014

    I believe I e-mailed you about using your photo of a baby ostrich’s head and I don’t remember you getting back to me. I am the photo editor on a new dinosaur book from Johns Hopkins University Press. We need your photo and will of course write all the credit you ask us to next to it in the book. I also need to e-mail a art permission slip to you. Would you Please e-mail me back at this e-mail:

    Thanks so much and happy holidays,
    Mike Fredericks

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